Help Design Summer Camp

Summer camp enrollment is underway.    There’s still space available in all camps so register today!    This year, instead of having me dictate the program I’m giving my readers and former campers a chance to give input.    Your survey’s indicated that you’re keen on new dessert camps.  So, I’ve added a new chocolate camp and a cookie camp.  I’m sure you’ve creamed about desserts and wondered how those fabulous treats were made.  Okay, probably how you could make them yourself too.    Well, help is on its way.  I’m happy to teach almost anything in these camps (although I do have my limits) so if you have a favorite cookie or chocolate dessert suggestion for the camp menu, send it to     While I’m on the subject of camp, what do you think of my camp name “Tweens and Teens Cooking Camp”?  Yes, of course it’s descriptive but how about some ideas to jazz it up?    I’m thinking of re-branding the camp to add some life to the title.    Names for our chili cook off team are welcome too but I’m pretty set on the name “Triumphant Toques” just to give those judges an inkling of where to cast their ballots.   So, send me your ideas!

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