The Volunteer Chef

Lemon Raspberry Tarts, Cabaret Chocolate Crackel, Cabaret Mini Carrot Cupcates, Cabaret Chocolate Confections, Cabaret

One way to get amazing practice with your cooking and to build community among fellow home cooks is volunteering to cook for your local school or your favorite non profit organization.   Think of it as a cooking “quilting bee” of sorts with a cause.    It’s fun, it’s rewarding and it’s a great way to get some healthy yet sweet ingredients into the hands of those who support non profits.

The last two weeks have been bustling with volunteer activity for La Toque.    Our kitchen was busy cooking carrot ginger cupcakes, mini lemon tarts, honeycomb, Sumatra tea ganache, malted chocolate ganache, orange shell cookies and chocolate crackel cookies.   Many for the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre, a fund raiser with 200 guests, some for the Palo Alto High School spirit week float building teens and a collection of the cookies for Jordan Middle School’s drama department concessions stand.    With Federica Armstrong and a few more of my beloved chefs in the kitchen we whiled away the hours with cooking tips, shared parenting know how and spent hours just getting to know each other better.    Our biggest reward was the “thanks” received from each organization and the “feel good” we got just by helping out in our community.

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