Holiday Cookie Exchange

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One of my friends hosts a Cookie Exchange each December.  I look forward to it every year.  I’m sure she’s thinking this is the perfect way to have a medley of cookies at your holiday party rather than 300 of the same kind.  What a great idea.   If you need some help making cookies, come to my Christmas cookies class.   Here’s how to line up your own cookie exchange.

How to host a cookie exchange.    Invite your friends to come over to a shin dig at your house.  The only requirement is that they show up with two dozen home made cookies.   Strongly emphasize the home made component as I’m on a mission to get everyone back to fun in the kitchen.     And, you must admit home made will be much tastier and more of a draw for your guests.   You get an extra bonus if you bring the recipe to share.  Of course they can bring more but let’s just say 24 is the minimum.    While at the party, sample a few of the other offerings.   Try as hard as possible to constrain yourself and taste only a few.  Package up a few from one guest, a few from another.    Head home and pop them in the freezer unless your party is tomorrow.   Host your own party and amaze your guests by your medley of cookies.

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