Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Although a third of my cooking camp spots are full with registrations from my private email list, two thirds of them are now available to the public.   We have a LOT of fun in store this summer, from old favorites such as “Easy Peasy Meals for Younger Kids” and “Pizza and Pasta Pros” to some new and novel camps.

I’d like to offer a big welcome to Alyssa Blau who is teaching a “Delectable Dinner” camp this summer. Alyssa has worked alongside me with catering jobs and as a camp assistant.  She’s an excellent cook and offered to teach a camp after a bit of arm twisting from me.  I strongly recommend you try  out her camp this summer.   It’s something new and it’s always good to take classes from a variety of teachers as everyone will have a different spin on how to make the most delicious dinners.
Chocolate Almond Hazelnut Meringue Cake
As chocolate is my forte and many of my students  have asked for a class for older teens, I’ve added a camp called “Chocolate Challengers“.   To take a peek at what we’ll learn in this class see the photo above of my chocolate ganache meringue cake.    it’s four layers of delicious hazelnut/almond meringue spread with chocolate between the layers.   I just baked one of these cakes for my “Chocoholics Dream Party” last week.   The 50 guests were kind enough to leave a few slices of it for me to enjoy.

I hope to see your children this summer at camp. Sign up soon as camp is limited to 12 students per session.  Some are near capacity already. Details about camp and registration.

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