Cooking Camp 2016 Wrap Up

Oh how I wish cooking camp would never end.  But the days are getting shorter and children have started the 2016/17 school year so we’ve closed our doors until next summer.   With so many enthusiastic young chefs attending it was a whirlwind adventure but so worth it.   I saw increased confidence in reading/following recipes, proper use of a double boiler, egg separating like a pro, using a kitchen scale, knife skills, cake/cupcake decorating and just the feeling “I can do it”.    My dream is that all of these chefs become great home cooks as adults.  Or at least become frequent home chefs as adults.    It saddens me to learn how many meals are either take out or restaurant outings these days.   There are so many reasons to cook and one is that it’s just so dang fun.   Thanks to all of the parents who appreciate our efforts and the new teachers who offered their enthusiasm and know how this summer.  Here are some of my favorite photos from summer, 2016. Gotta love that onion goggle fashion statement!

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