Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #3


Carrot Cake

News and Fun Facts. Firstly, welcome to a new teacher for the summer. Check out her new class: Are You Food Smart?, July 27-31, 12:30-3:30pm, ages 8-12, teacher: Hiral Jhaveri,

Who out there is stress baking? The New York Times seems to think we all are. If my kitchen is evidence, they are right on the mark. I baked an angel food cake, blueberry muffins, cornbread, country bread, carrot cake. All in the last week! Read the NY Times. “Stress Baking More than Usual?”. It must have been too tall of an order to ask everyone to cook chicken adobo 3 ways since zero votes came in. Here’s an easy poll for the week. Are you stress baking? Vote here. 

Top Tip. For more even centers in your thumb print cookies, try out this idea from the October, 2019, edition of Cooks Illustrated.



What I’m Reading. I loved, loved, loved my time in New York City in January and my visit to the original Sarabeth’s Bakery in the Chelsea Market. In honor of that trip and the difficult situation in New York right now I reading “Sarabeth’s Bakery: From My Hands to Yours”.   The best biscuit recipe is in this book and she leads one through making puff pastry. It’s a great read and chock full of amazing baking ideas.

What I’m Watching. Did you know 50% of the produce in Russia is grown in home gardens? It’s time to plant the coronavirus victory garden at your residence. Garlic is a top ingredient to denature viruses. Thyme, rosemary, oregano, caraway seeds, turmeric, parsley, ginger will all improve your immune system. This may be the time to plant the vegetable garden you never seem to have time for in April. Recently I watched the Slow Food USA class on how to plant your garden. They also have a class on a DIY spa using your garden herbs and pizza making know how. What a great time to re purpose your edible garden into a DIY spa with chamomile, rosemary and thyme. No chamomile in your garden? No worries. Buy some tea and find a new use for it. Watch this how to show to learn now.

The show is live at least once a week but you can see past episodes which have been recorded. See here to learn about the series.



planting a garden




What I’m Cooking. With all of that reading of Sarabeth’s book, it just seemed right to try out at least one new recipe from her book. For those looking for a great carrot cake recipe, try hers. My mom loved it, my husband liked it, my kind of picky son gobbled up a few pieces.   It’s fun to make it in a bundt pan but don’t let this scare you off if you don’t own one. Just bake it in a cake pan.   You’ll see in my photo a light dusting of flour on the top. For those who have attended my classes you know how I loath this technique and have you use parchment paper instead to line pans. This is no small feat with a bundt pan so I suggest just lightly spraying the bundt pan with cooking oil. I think this recipe works so well since the egg whites are whipped up before the dry ingredients are added.

Wishing you health and happy cooking,





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