Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #4


Curried Noodles with Shrimp

News and Fun Facts. 100% of you said you’re “stress baking” in my poll last week. I hope you have enough flour on hand to continue. If not, grocery deliveries may be the best way to access safe and healthy food. Some of you have probably waited ½ an hour to enter a grocery store donned with a protective mask and followed the arrows around the store with 6 feet between you and the next customer. It may be time to try out online shopping although I just heard that Amazon will put new online customers on their wait list and also shorten the store hours of Whole Foods. I’ve used Farm Fresh to You for some excellent organic produce and many swear by Good Eggs.   In a recent Nextdoor post the neighbors are speaking highly of Imperfect Produce, Google Shopping Express, Instacart, Safeway. What’s your favorite delivery service? Vote here.

Top Tip. If you buy limes in bulk, perhaps you’re in the habit of squeezing the juice and storing it in the freezer. Try out this tip and freeze the entire fruit.



What I’m Reading. Wondering what cooking tools are trending? Read “The New Trophies of Domesticity” from The Atlantic

If you’re getting weary of all this cooking (and I hope you’re not), maybe just watch other people cook. There’s a lot of that happening on Instagram. Read “The Joy of Watching Other People Cook”.

What I’m Watching. Have some fun this week and watch (or probably re watch) the movie “Ratatouille”.   If you have tired of the English version, how about watching it in Hindi?

What I’m Cooking. Bon Appetit won out all of my recipe tests this week with their “Curried Noodles with Shrimp” recipe. I thought it odd to drain out the liquid from the noodles after lovingly soaking them in curry powder but the noodles will actually retain the curry flavor so don’t worry about draining them. Did you know that curry powder isn’t Indian really? It’s actually British, sort of. Curry refers to a number of spice blends, not just that bright yellow one in your spice collection.

Wishing you health and happy cooking,




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