Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #6

Creamed Kale Photo

Coconut Creamed Kale

News and Fun Facts While recipe exchanges are always fun, they are almost a necessity in this time of shelter in place while we all try to up our cooking game and get out of the regular meal rotation. CNN agrees.  I’ve received about 10 recipe exchange emails. If you have, too, and found an amazing recipe from a friend of your friend, send it my way to I’d be happy to post it next week so everyone can enjoy it. I received this turkey chili recipe

Top Tip The main (and sometimes only) topic with friends these days is food acquisition. For those “stress baking” yet finding the grocery stores empty of flour, Central Milling has excellent flour and you can buy it here. Even if you haven’t started the victory edible garden in your yard, try growing scallions from the root ends after you’ve enjoyed the tender tops for dinner, Here’s how to magically grow new scallions.

What I’m Reading There are hints that shelter in place may soon be over (and hints that it may not be for a long time). While we’re in this “at home” mode, it’s fun to think about what you’ll do once you’re freed to hop on a plane and free to socialize. This read will let you dream of that magic moment in our future.

We are all non travellers these days so my read for you this week is an armchair adventure. Poulaine bakery is a “must” destination in Paris. I’ll bet many of you know that. But, read about Lyon, the food fanatic capital of France in an article a friend sent this week. It’s on my list for my next trip to France.

Breaking Bread in Lyon from The New Yorker

What I’m Watching The Slow Food organization has generously recorded their sessions after they run live. Here is a recent one, Making Pizza with Chef Facchini and Victoria.

What I’m Cooking I really went out on a limb this week with my recipe experiments. In my wildest dreams I would never have thought to pair a rather bitter kale with Madras curry powder. It works like a charm in this recipe as the coconut milk and flaked coconut must act as enough of a sweetener to balance out the other ingredients. This is an easy way to consume a lot of kale. Sure, you can buy a bunch of kale and work with that in this recipe. I took an easier route and poured two bags of Trader Joes’ baby kale in to the dish. Ali Slagle’s Coconut Creamed Kale. If you have a subscription to the New York Times, you can get the original recipe here

I have typed it up here in case you don’t.

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