Fruit Lattice Pie – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #8

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Fruit Pie with Lattice Crust


News and Fun Facts Thank you for those who gave me a bit of a push to go online. I’ll be opening up in person classes as soon as I’m able but I hope some of you can enjoy my online Zoom classes before then.   If you’d like a free pie crust making demo, come to the Paly Wellness Center meeting Thursday morning. I’ll do a bit of demo then answer questions about pies. Contact for more information. On Friday I’m running my first Zoom birthday party, also about pies. If all goes well, I’ll start zoom classes you can enroll in. Please send topics you’d like me to teach to Since pies are on my mind, this newsletter will be, you guessed it, all about pies.

What I’m Reading I just snapped up some PlusGra butter at the Grocery Outlet . This brand is excellent but there are many European style butters in the market these days to choose from. Kerrygold and PluGra are good ones to use in your pie crust. Years ago my supper club did a butter tasting. Kerrygold won the taste test. Read what Bloomberg Businessweek has to say bout this grass fed Irish butter.

What I’m Watching To get a head start on pie making, you may want to watch this YouTube video showing how to make a lattice pie crust.


What I’m Cooking When I was young, my family picked wild blackberries in the estate behind our house.   We were thrilled when we had 4 cups, enough to make a blackberry pie. For the upcoming classes this week I consulted my sister (a fantastic baker) about the recipe we used so many times as kids.   Here is a variation of that tried and true Fruit Pie with Lattice Crust recipe.   If you don’t have blackberries, other types of fruit will do.


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