Queso – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #9


Queso with Pickled Jalapenos

News and Fun Facts Many thanks to those who offered to be my first online class customers last week. And thanks for everyone who wrote to me indicating they would sign up for a class. So, I’m going to give it a go May 28 at 3:30-4:30 PM with a Lattice Pie class. The cost is $29 and you can sign up here.   I am now selling gift certificates. One of my camps is an auction item at the May 31 Palo Alto Players auction and they asked me to sell gift certificates which their patrons could buy. I decided to let anyone buy them, though, so you can buy gift certificates here. Think about both of those but read on to enjoy today’s Mexican based newsletter.

Top Tip For the queso recipe you’ll need to be handy with a knife and onion cutting. In class I teach various ways to cut an onion based on the skill level and age of my students.   Here is how Cooks Illustrated suggests you cut an onion which I teach for my advanced students who want to get even sized diced pieces.

Onion, How to Chop

What I’m Reading This article is for a true cooking enthusiast, one who is curious about where all of that great Mexican food came from and what everyone ate south of the border a long, long time ago. Read “Generations of Handwritten Mexican Cookbooks Are Now Online

What I’m Watching I had never heard of a shrub. Well, of course I know that’s another name for bush but not a culinary term. Did I make you curious yet? Here is how to make a berry shrub. Mixing it with club soda or mineral water would be a refreshing drink with your queso.


What I’m Cooking I’ve been posting some rather adult recipes so here’s one my kids LOVE. We experimented with this queso recipe a few weeks ago. It was a winner in the house with the teens and they begged me to make it again this week. So I’m sharing New York Time’s rendition of queso with you. It’s great in a bowl aside a pile of tortilla chips or pour it on chips to make nachos. While your munching on that, read Bon Apetit’s “My Four Greatly Held Certainly Correct Opinions on Nachos.”



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