Smashed Chickpea Salad – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #10

Smashed Chickpea Salad

Smashed Chickpea Salad


News and Fun Facts Online classes coming up soon!  The online pie class is coming up this Thursday and I posted an online bread class for next Friday.  We’re into week 10 of shelter in place and you may still be loving to cook. But I bet some are starting to get into a cooking rut. I’m offering in this newsletter some sympathy via an article I’m reading and an easy peasy recipe, perfect for a quick meal and perfect for a blazingly hot day.

Top Tip Today’s tip is a shopping tip rather than a cooking tip. Cooks Illustrated conducted a taste test taste of Comparison Supermarket Olive Oil and there’s what they had to say about them.   By the way, did you know there is a lot of fraud on the olive oil world? Much of it is laced with non olive oil, sadly. It’s hard to know what is the “real deal” but I trust Cooks Illustrated.

What I’m Reading Move over fancy food. In comes easier home cooking and lower pressure cooking: easy and with pantry staples – Foodie Culture as We Know It Is Over

Or how about this for a bit of sympathy for those who have reached their capacity of cooking enthusiasm – I Fell Into a Deep Cooking Rut—Here’s How I Got Out

It’s not that I”m suggesting you all pitch your plans to cook dinner at home tonight but I wanted to know about a good source of restaurant information on the San Francisco Peninsula.   Do you know about Peninsula Foodist

What I’m Watching Nadya’s Time to Eat.   Many of you know me and how I teach my classes – no shortcuts! We make mayo from scratch, ditto with harissa. For those who are getting weary, Nadya shows you how to cut some corners to save time.   I loved Nadya on the British Baking Show and was so happy a friend tipped me off that she has her own show.

What I’m Cooking If exhausted from all of the cooking in the past two months, try out this Smashed Chickpea Salad. It’s what the New York Times calls a “no recipe recipe”, meaning that you can virtually throw it together and serve. So easy and delicious!   This was posted in one of Smitten Kitchen’s Newsletters. That’s a great read btw and it’s free to subscribe to it.

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