No Knead Bread – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #12

No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread

News and Fun Facts Bread making class last week was comforting in our time of social unrest and unsettling times. I’m posting the no knead bread recipe I taught. This Friday I’m teaching an online eggplant parmesan class. Even if you’re not an eggplant fan, you may find yourself LOVING this recipe.   Sour cream peach pie will be taught next week. If you’re like me, I’m harvesting buckets full of peaches every day.

Top Tip Cooks Illustrated printed a very handy article which answers many of your Top Bread Questions Answered.   If your burning question isn’t answered in this article, send me an email. I’m always here to help and I love even tricky questions I call “Stump the Chef”

What I’m Reading Flour is still a bit hard to come by as Costco was sold out last week. The Altantic writes “Americans Have Maked All the Four Away”.

What I’m Watching Get inspired to make bread by watching this video on growing what and baking bread (this is a long video but about minute 6 is the amazing part about bread. Tassajara bread book, Julia Child mastering French Bread

Here’s how to make Sourdough Starter and Fermented Dough from San Francisco Baking Institute.  A friend of mine in SF sent this to me!

What I’m Cooking While on the topic of bread, I decided to go back to a New York Times, all time favorite, No Knead Bread. This bread is so awesome it has its own Wikipedia page. It’s sticky and gooey but it works like magic. The technique of baking with a covered Dutch oven for the first part of the baking traps in steam to create a fabulous crust.







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