Green Beans with Dill Walnut Sauce – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #16


Green Beans in Walnut Sauce

News and Fun Facts Online classes are in full swing with the Lunch Bunch series starting yesterday in which students learn how to cook lunch with me and I’m aiming to teach a baking class each Friday. Come join those either as a series or individual classes. Thursday is hummus today and we end the week with Friday’s milk chocolate cookies.

Top Tip To sift or not. That is the question. Here’s some advice on just skipping that step when you bake. The Baking Step You Can (Pretty Much Always) Skip 

What I’m Reading Those at New York Times Cooking are a bit tired of zoom socializing. If you are, too, read their How to Host
a Socially Distanced Barbecue

What I’m Listening To For all of you Totam fans out there (and you know I am), her’s a recent interview with Yotam Ottolenghi on “Splendid Table”

What I’m Cooking I am still in the mode of backyard socializing as this activity is definitely picking up speed in my neighborhood. So I’m including another recipe which would be perfect for yours from my favorite cookbook, “Nantucket Open House”. The list of ingredients is a kind of crazy combo in this Green Bean with Dill Walnut Sauce but trust me. It works! And, oops, I forgot to take a photo in my rush to get this on the table. It was gobbled up before I could snap a picture.

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