Spicy Chocolate Morsels – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #17

Spicy Chocolate Morsels

Spicy Chocolate Morsels


News and Fun Facts I see chocolate trending with a lot of students signing up for my chocolate classes. So I thought I’d put some focus in this newsletter to chocolate. The recipe I’m including this week is an all time favorite of my students. When I see them years after taking Chocolate Champions camp they still are making this recipe.   So I’m including it here for you for free. This week at Lunch Bunch we’re making fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, cornbread and chicken quesadillas. At Friday’s making class we’re making a lemon almond pound cake with lemon glaze. Come join one of the online classes.

Top Tip Consider using demarara sugar The Mondon Salt of Sweets

What I’m Reading Chocolate is my comfort food of choice. If it’s yours, too, head on over to the NY Times artible, “Our 100 Best Chocolate Recipes”. We have made some of these in class, such as the “World’s Best Chocolate Cake”. You’ll need a subscription for this.

What I’m Watching Want to boost your mood? These days we all need that from time to time. How about eating chocolate? See what Linda from Spice Box Travels has to say about the wonders of chocolate and a healthy (yes healthy) chocolate recipe. I met Linda some years ago when agreed to write a chapter for a book of culinary essays.   She has gone on to teaching classes at Kaiser, a food blog and now cooking videos.

What I’m Cooking I gave my students last Friday a free demo of this recipe as a “bonus round” for the class but it’s easy enough that you can just follow the recipe. Enjoy these Spicy Chocolate Morsels and don’t be alarmed by their name. They aren’t that spicy!

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