Mustard Chicken in Phyllo – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #18

Mustard Chicken in Phyllo

Mustard Chicken in Phyllo

News and Fun Facts I am afraid I don’t have any fun facts this week, just fun classes. The Lunch Bunch menu for this week is tuna sandwiches, beef tacos and cheddar biscuits.   Friday’s Baking Blowout class is almond biscotti. Well, I guess my fun fact is that “biscotti” just means “cookie” in Italian but we Americans have come to think of it as those crunchy twice baked crescent shaped cookies.

Top Tip After years of making hard boiled eggs with shells sticking to the whites, I triumphed this week. Kenji Lopez of The Cooking Lab fame and now a part of the New York Times Cooking team has done so many experiments about the cooking of hard and soft boiled eggs.   Here’s what he learned from his experiments and perfecting the art of non clinging shells. How to Boil the Perfect Egg

What I’m Reading I’m thinking a lot about lunch due to my Lunch Bunch class series. So, when I came across this article I decided to include it here. How I Make My Lunch Every Day Without Losing My Sanity

What I’m Watching I had the pleasure of dining at Atelier Crenn a few years back for a very special anniversary dinner. It was so fun to watch Chefs Table, Dominique Crenn, on Netflix learn more about this unique chef who starts each meal with a poem. I’ve put Petite Crenn on my restaurant “wish list” now. It’s my list of places to go once restaurants open up. Are you making one too? Chefs Table, Dominique Crenn

What I’m Cooking It’s I tried out a New York Times recipe for Chicken in Mustard Sauce.   It was so easy you’d really love that aspect of it. However, despite the Dijon mustard and mustard powder, I found it rather bland. Try it out if you want something simple that even picky eaters will devour, Since I wasn’t wowed by it I am giving you a recipe along the same lines, Mustard Chicken in Phyllo. I have loved this for many years and my niece and I served this for so many dinner parties.

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