Chocolate Walnut Cookies – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #20


Post Brownie Class Happiness

Chocolate Walnut Cookies

News and Fun Facts Fall planning is underway so let your voice be heard. Tell me what you’d like to learn by writing to While you’re pondering that, come to class this week: scallops, queso, pesto pasta and a pavlova type cake are on the menu.

Top Tip My favorite baking chocolate is Guittard as I mentioned to my students in brownie class (happy brownie chef above). And be wary of chocolate chips. They have some additives which make their melting and cooking properties different than bar chocolate. Don’t get confused with chocolate know how. Just enjoy and may be read this article. Are you Baking with the Right Chocolate

What I’m Reading For those of you want to learn what others have to say about the fondant controversy, read Everything is cake, except fondant hate, which is very real

What I’m Watching With baking on my mind, season 4 of Chefs Table has been super to watch. While in NYC I’m sending my husband and daughter to Milk Bar, Christina Tosi’s bakery. To learn about her watch her Chef’s Table episode. And then maybe join her bake club, a daily baking class on Instagram.

What I’m Cooking Most of my cooking in July was at my online classes so I don’t have a super new recipe for you, just a tried and true one I love. If you’re in the baking mood, how about trying Chocolate Walnut Cookies? Not only is it delicious but it’s a way to use up your egg whites (as is the pavlova type cake I’m teaching on Friday)


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