Newsletter #27 & Sauted Corn with Fresh Herb Recipe

News and Fun Facts   This newsletter has a focus on corn as we wave goodbye to the summer crops.   Grab some corn while you can!  As for classes, head my way if you’re a chocolate lover. This Friday: Chocolate Custard Pie, Next Friday: Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Cake

Snap and Cook Photo Club There’s good news and bad news here.  The bad news for me is that I’ve received very few photos in the past 2 weeks.  That’s bad news for me but good news for you.  If you send me a photo there is a high probability you’ll win the drawing.  The photo above was submitted by a Lava Cake class student in celebration of her friend’s new USA citizenship.  All dolled up in red, white and blue.

Top Tip  Buy super fresh corn and cook it minimally, or not at all.  I pop mine into boiling water for a bout 3 minutes but it’s fine to eat it raw.  As for shopping, I never peel back the husk at the store.  Rather, I feel the ear through the husk for firmness, especially at the tip.  Next time you’re at the store do yourself a favor by not peeking inside until you’re ready to cook as the husk will prevent spoilage and your fellow shoppers will be happy to have un-shucked corn in the bin.

What I’m Reading  This week I was so happy to see the corn farmer at the downtown Palo Alto farmer’s market.  But that won’t be for long so take advantage of the corn while they last.  And, read about corn, off the cob and into the world of possibilities”.  

What I’m Watching  I’m still adding to my restaurant “wish list” and added Mahoroba Bakery in Sacramento after watching “A Few Great Bakeries” this week.   Mahatoba is a Japanese bakery which seemed very unique and a great find.

What I’m Cooking  Did I say corn?  Yup I did.  I hope everyone had a chance to make the corn fritter recipe I posted a few weeks ago at the height of corn season.  On it’s way out, try out this Sauteed Corn with Herb recipe I’ve taught many times.  In case you’re looking for a good weekday meal side, try this (hint, hint-it’s easy).

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