Newsletter #29 & Making Candy Eye Video

News and Fun Facts   Halloween treat classes kick off this week!   La Toque’s YouTube channel has launched.   It will be a work in progress but come see how to make candy eyes for your Halloween treats.

Snap and Cook Photo Drawing  There were no submissions this week except from my ever enthusiastic student, Caroline.  She has sent so many photos I’ll batch them up and send you at set all at once. This week come join class: Macaroni and Cheese, Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Spider Cookies.

Top Tip  If just learning how to use pastry bags, you can fill them easily and limit mess by placing the empty pastry bag into a tall cup.  Fold the bag over the cup to make a cuff.  Put your frosting (or melted chocolate) way down in the cup near the pastry tip.  Pull the pastry bag out and you’re ready to pipe.   Remember to push down to pipe.   A simple trick if you’re new to this is to wrap a rubber band around the top of the bag.  If you push the frosting up rather than down your frosting won’t leak out.

What I’m Reading  To add a little humor to your day and permission to level down your cooking, read “Things Chefs Do that You Should Not Do

What I’m Watching  The Great British Baking Show, season 7, episode 1, with a 3 layer sponge cake, via Netflix streaming, was a pleasure to watch this week.  It brought back fond memories of my British Baking Show summer camp capped off with lots of successful Princess Cakes in a “technical challenge” on camp’s last day.

What I’m Cooking  I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for Halloween classes so this week I’m offering you a no recipe recipe.  For the spider cookies we’ll be making candy eyes.  If you’re signed up for that class and want to get a head start on that class OR just want to venture out on your own for Halloween come watch the “How to make Candy Eyes” video.

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