Newsletter #30 & Free Form Apple Pie Recipe

News and Fun Facts   Have you been baking bread this year?  The fun fact (and maybe not a surprise) is that bread cookbooks are having record sales in 2020.  I’m trying out breads from a cookbook recently donated to my collection “Bread” by Ruth Hensperger.   Tried their very interesting for oat/pistachio bread and yesterday made a whole wheat loaf which uses part whole wheat pastry flour to make it light and fluffy.

Snap and Cook Photo Drawing  To get you into the Halloween spirit, here’s a photo from a family who attended my spider peanut butter cookie class.  Very cute!!

Top Tip  If you’re whipping up some cream for your Halloween treats, it’s best to start with cold cream.    Here’s a recent tip from Cooks Illustrated to get your cream down to a frosty temp super fast.

What I’m Reading  In the Cookies with Royal Icing Class this week, we’re using a tad of cream cheese for the cookies, a bit of a twist on the standard sugar cookie recipe.  Any cream cheese will do but it may be fun to read “How Philadelphia Cream Cheese Took Over the World

What I’m Listening To  The Extra Spicy Podcast aired an episode about the Meadowood Restaurant in Napa Valley, now lost to the Glass fire.   I never had the opportunity to dine there but if you did (or even if you secretly desired to drop more than $300 on your fine dining dinner experience) you may find this interesting.  It includes interviews with some of the former employees and some insight into that it takes to rise to a 3 star Michelin rating.

What I’m Cooking  Just this weekend the temperatures are dropping in California.  That makes me think of fall fruit!  We had fun on Friday at my Apple Pie class but I’m posting the recipe here in case you missed it and want to venture out on your own.  It’s from the Fog City Diner in San Francisco.  When they first opened they felt a proper diner wouldn’t be right without apple pie on the menu yet they had forgotten to purchase pie plates so they quickly created this galette like pie for the opening.

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