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Online classes

Cooking school has gone online.  Classes will be demo oriented, leading you through a recipe step by step and answering questions from participants during the session.  Participants will be emailed a list of ingredients and tools for the class within 2 business days of registering and receive the recipe within 24 hours of class so they can cook the recipe during the class.

Lemon Almond Poundcake  July 17, noon-1pm

For those of you who have dined at the Fog City Diner in San Francisco, come learn one of their delicious desserts, a lemon almond poundcake.


Lunch Bunch. Mon, Tues and Thurs, 11:00am-11:30am (July 9-August 13)

This is a multi week “make your own lunch” class with a new recipe each class. Make your own lunch with me and enjoy that day for your lunch.


Want an Online Cooking birthday party?  If so, email


May 2020-August 2020 Cooking

Classes and Camps

(note that you can register for in person classes but they may be cancelled due to Santa Clara County Health department requirements 2 weeks prior to the start of class)






Note regarding Covad-19

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, cooking school will be closed until at least May 25.  Registration for the classes and camps listed below is open but with a new cancellation policy.  If we need to cancel class due to health reasons or if you choose to cancel your participation in a class at any time, a credit will be issued to you. This credit is valid until the end of August, 2021, and can be used for the chef originally signed up, a sibling or a friend. If you prefer a refund, I can issue you one minus the transaction fees.

So many delicious things to cook, so many fun classes for adults and kids in the next few months.  Come join one or join all!   The menu for some classes are set in stone but lobby for your favorite dish for the others.  For each weekday meal series, chefs will be able to vote on what to cook for some of the sessions.  Come join a weekday dinner class or spend the holidays baking up a storm.  Summer is the perfect time to start your young chef in my classes with EZ Peasy Meals for 6-9 year olds.  For those who have tried out all of my summer camps in past years, come join Mexican Fiesta.  It’s new this year!

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PRIVATE COOKING PARTIES Interested in a private cooking party?  Send an email to


Baking Blowout, May 25, 12:30-3:30, Strawberry Desserts, all ages (if under 10 then sign up for 2 and bring an adult) teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost:$65


EZ Peasy Meals for Younger Kids, Session 1, June 29-July 3, 9am-noon, ages 6-9, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

Mexican Fiesta, Session 1, July 6-July 10, 9am-noon, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

Mexican Fiesta, Session 2, July 13-July 17, 9am-noon, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

EZ Peasy Meals for Younger Kids, Session 2, July 20-July 24, 9am-noon, ages 6-9, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

Cookie Connoisseurs, July 27-31, 9am-noon, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

Are You Food Smart?, July 27-31, 12:30-3:30pm, ages 8-12, teacher: Hiral Jhaveri, cost: $295

Chocolate Champions, Session 1, August 3-August 7, 9am-noon, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

Chocolate Champions, Session 2, August 10-August 14, 9am-noon, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, cost: $295

WEEKDAY DINNER MEALS, BRING HOME DINNER for 4 AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES FOR KIDS, MID DAY CLASSES FOR ADULTS,  Enjoy a weekday meal for 4 people your chef brings home for dinner each week.   Basic cooking and knife skills and cooking techniques will be incorporated into the menus we cook.

BAKING BLOWOUT.  During each of these sessions we’ll spend the entire class baking to our hearts delight.  For the classes listed above we’ll be making a heart shaped chocolate cake and bake up batches of heart shaped cookies while the cake bakes on Valentine’s  Day.  Harvest permitting, we’ll make a medley of strawberry desserts during the March PAUSD holiday.

SUMMER CAMP: ARE YOU FOOD SMART? – Help your kids be smart about making the right food choices.  Nutrition Consultant Hiral Jhaveri will take the kids through a fun and adventurous journey into understanding and interpreting food labels.  She will teach the kids the secrets to being “food smart” and picking the right foods for better health and long-lasting energy.  The kids will learn to cook some simple, healthy and delicious recipes from local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. The workshop will include fun and exciting activities like videos, team projects, games, cooking contest and raffles.  Parents are welcome to join as well!!

SUMMER CAMP. EZ PEASY MEALS FOR YOUNGER KIDS – If you’re ready to get your younger children cooking up a storm, this camp is for you.   Young chefs will learn basic cooking techniques in a fun environment geared towards children ages 6-9.  They’ll exit the week with a full dinner menu they’ll be proud of including hand cranked pasta, guacamole, quesadillas and cornbread.   As a special treat, the campers will compete in a cupcake decorating contest and a chocolate tasting.

SUMMER CAMP. MEXICAN FIESTA – We’ll explore the fantastic cuisine south of the border in this class including tacos, enchiladas and tortilla soup. Recipes will span delicious dishes from Frontera in Chicago, Cala in SF, the New York Times and other prized sources.

SUMMER CAMP, COOKIE CONNOISSEURS – Start out as a cookie rookie and master the art of simply sensational cookies by the end of camp. Come learn the basics of the perfect cookie and some unique advanced cookie baking tips too. We’ll taste test store bought cookies vs. our own creations, visit a local bakery to sample theirs and compete for the best cookie creation.

SUMMER CAMP. CHOCOLATE CHAMPIONS – We’ll be cooking a host of chocolate treats including chocolate confections and compete in a chocolate cake decorating contest. The week will include chocolate tastings and chocolate tempering mastery.  We’ll learn how chocolate is created, chocolate chemistry and other chocolate trivia.