Summer Camp 2017

La Toque’s Cooking Camp series brings cooking know how and fun to young children, tweens and teens It’s all about letting the next generation have a blast with food and passing down culinary life skills from one generation to the next.   Camp activities include cooking instruction, hands on projects, taste tests, contests and field trips.   Campers will bring home their marvelous creations to share with their families and recipes to practice in their own kitchens.   Sessions will be taught in a home setting in downtown Palo Alto.


Here are some of the amazing creations from our 2016 camps and the fun we had making them.




(note registering for a sold out camp will put you on the wait list)

  • June 19-23, 9-noon, Pizza and Pasta Pros), ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • June 26-30, 9-noon, Pizza and Pasta Pros, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • June 26-30, 1-4, Science in the Kitchen, ages 10-15, teacher: Alyssa Blau (NEW!), $295
  • July 3-7 (including July 4), 9-noon, EZ Peasy Meals, ages 6-9, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295
  • July 10-14, 9-noon, EZ Peasy Meals, ages 6-9, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • July 10-14, 1-4, Best of NY Times, ages 10-15, teacher: Gudrun Enger, $295 (ONLY 2 SPACE LEFT)
  • July 19, 4-6 (or 7), Chocolate Tour Palo Alto, ages 10-99, tour guide: Cindy Roberts (NEW!), $55
  • July 24-28, 9-noon, Cookie Connoisseurs, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • July 31-August 4, 9-noon, Great British Baking Show, ages 12-17, teacher: Cindy Roberts (NEW!), $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • July 31-August 4, 1-4, Sweet and Savory Cooking Around the World, ages 10-15, teacher: Meenu Bhasin, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • August 7-11, 9-noon, Chocolate Champions, ages 10-15, teacher: Cindy Roberts, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • August 7-11, 1-4, Sweet and Savory Cooking Around the World, ages 10-15, teacher: Meenu Bhasin, $295 (SOLD OUT)
  • August 14-18, 10-1, Sweet and Savory Cooking Around the World, ages 10-15, teacher: Meenu Bhasin, $295

SCIENCE IN THE KITCHEN – Ever wonder why your cookies rise?  How about how eggs become hard boiled or look so different when they are scrambled?   Explore food experiments in the kitchen using everyday ingredients. From baking to chemistry, we will create hands-on experiments that are also edible and fun. If you love cooking and learning the science behind it, join us for a week this summer!

GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW – Calling all kids ready for a baking challenge.   Learn the recipes from the Great British Baking Show.   It’s true. Mary and Paul have offered their secret recipes to their viewers and I’ll be sharing them with up to 12 lucky bakers in camp.   Get ready to “bake”.   The week will end with a baking competition, sans the tents.   For those who missed this fabulous cooking show and want a sneak peak, go here

CHOCOLATE TOUR PALO ALTO – A special journey for chocoholics. Walk through downtown Palo Alto and enjoy chocolate at every turn. Tour will last approximately 2 hours and includes chocolate samples at each stop. Open to all ages and would be a wonderful outing for the family.

SWEET AND SAVORY COOKING AROUND THE WORLD – Do you enjoy eating a variety of different cuisines, or maybe you are looking for some new, easy and fun recipes, especially for kids. Well, here is your opportunity to learn, cook and enjoy sampling sweet and savory recipes from around the world, during this weekly delicious and exciting culinary summer adventure!  The young chefs will get to vote on recipes that they would like to learn from America, Italy, China, France, Thailand, Greece, Japan, Mexico, India and the Caribbean.

DELECTABLE DINNERS – BEST OF THE NEW YORK TIMES – Put your trust in the readers of the acclaimed New York Times Cooking section.   We’ll create a host of dinner menus with the most popular recipes from this publication. Once we serve them up, we’ll put them to our own taste test and write comments to the New York Times website.

EZ PEASY MEALS FOR YOUNGER KIDS – If you’re ready to get your younger children cooking up a storm, this camp is for you.   Young chefs will learn basic cooking techniques in a fun environment geared towards children ages 6-9.  They’ll exit the week with a full dinner menu they’ll be proud of including hand cranked pasta, guacamole, quesadillas and cornbread.   As a special treat, the campers will compete in a cupcake decorating contest and a chocolate tasting.

PIZZA AND PASTA PROS – Go wild (or at least creative) with pizza dough, sauces and toppings.  Then crank out pasta into your favorite shape, make your own sauces, ravioli and more as you become a pizza and pasta pro.  The week will be full of fun, including a pasta sauce taste test and Iron Chef style competitions.

COOKIE CONNOISSERS – Start out as a cookie rookie and master the art of simply sensational cookies by the end of camp.    Come learn the basics of the perfect cookie and some unique advanced cookie baking tips too.   We’ll taste test store bought cookies vs. our own creations, maybe a visit a local bakery to sample theirs and compete for the best cookie creation.

CHOCOLATE CHAMPIONS – We’ll be cooking a host of chocolate treats including chocolate confections and compete in a chocolate cake decorating contest. The week will include chocolate tastings and chocolate tempering mastery. We’ll learn how chocolate is created, chocolate chemistry and other chocolate trivia.

After School Classes

Our after school classes are now in session and we’ll start up again in fall, 2017.   If you’d like to join a future session, please send a note to