Meenu Bhasin

Meenu Bhasin is a personal and private chef who teaches cooking and baking classes to adults and children. She teaches a variety of cuisines and her specialty and expertise is teaching Indian cuisine. Meenu is passionate about sharing her culinary skills and simplifying typically complex fares.  Her cooking classes entail unpacking the intricate combinations of spices that go into each dish, and demonstrating the techniques involved in creating the signature flavors of the country. Meenu believes when, where and how to use spices is the most important technique to master. This is the important skill that will allow you to cook delightful dishes filled with amazing aromas and flavorful flavors. 
One of Meenu’s most popular recipes is Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps because the kids just loved the lettuce from her backyard garden, and least popular recipe is Thai Chicken Curry because the fish sauce taste was too overpowering for elementary kids!  The most requested dish Meenu teaches is the world famous Chicken Tikka Masala followed by Saag Paneer. Meenu’s signature dish is Chicken Biryani which is a layered rice and meat casserole type dish.
Meenu offers personal chef services for one time, or on going private and special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, girls night out, school events, or other special celebrations.  Meenu has also worked as a chef instructor at several cooking schools including Sur La Table, Draeger’s and the Jewish Community Center.
Currently, Meenu teaches sweet and savory cooking classes around the world at Las Lomitas Elementary School, La Entrada Middle School and Phillips Brooks Middle School to preschoolers, kindergartners, middle and high school students.  Meenu gives back to the community by using her culinary passion and skills to plan a few fundraisers a year to raise money for charities in India, Africa and other developing countries. She also donates cooking classes/dinner parties to school auctions.
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