Chocolate Guessing Game



Chocolate is on my mind today. It’s not that it usually isn’t but today is a special day as I head into 15 baking classes, two of which are all about chocolate. One of my favorite activities in chocolate camp is my chocolate guessing game. For this, I hand out samples of chocolates. The wrappers have been cleverly hidden in brown paper bags so no one can cheat.   I have my students “guess” what goodies have been added to each chocolate.   It’s a fun activity to challenge their taste buds and I try to find the craziest flavor additions. We’ve done bacon, pretzels and even gojo berries. This is what we’re tasting in Chocolate Champions summer, 2019.

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Yotam Featured this Summer



I remember a few months back when I hosted a dinner party starting with an announcement. It wasn’t a toast for someone’s birthday or a grand speech. I just piped up “I have bad news for you. I have never made any of the recipes you’re about to eat”. One of the guests inquired about my source for the recipes. I mentioned they were all from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks. She was delighted as she adored Yotam’s recipes.   As I was pondering something fun and delicious to teach this summer, novel but slightly kid-friendly, Yotam came to mind.   Some of is recipes are much too complicated for the young chefs in my classes but some not, especially with his recent cookbook, “Simple”.   I must admit I’m truly a fan of “Jerusalem” but was thinking “Simple” may be a better fit for young chefs.   After waiting some time for the book to come in at my local bookstore, Books, Inc., I bought the book, marking easy and kid-friendly recipes with hot pink post it notes. Then I incorporated some of them into my after school classes to test them out a bit. I wanted to make sure they would be a good fit from a skill level and palate for kids. Seeded chicken and cornbread were quite popular and very doable so they made it to the camp menu. After a friend brought over the carrot salad with yogurt and cinnamon for dinner one night I thought it was so terrific I fit it into the menu for class that week.   Now the countdown until summer begins.   2 weeks to go until our summer camps called “Delectable Dinners: Yummy Yotam Ottolenghi” begin.

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Summer Cooking Camp Scholarship

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 2.11.56 PM


Now Accepting Applications for Summer Cooking Camp Scholarship

I’m happy to announce my first (but hopefully annual) scholarship to my summer program.  This is just a small way for me to give back to the community.

Click on “APPLY” to go to the scholarship application form for one student to the July 22-26, 2019, 9:00am-12:00pm, Bread and Croissants camp at La Toque de Cindy in Palo Alto, California, for a prospective student aged 10-15. This scholarship has a value of $295.  The deadline for applications is April 8. Applications will be accepted via this form only and the winner will be chosen based on need and other factors.  The winner of this scholarship will be notified by April 30 and will attend this camp free of charge.  All information submitted will be held confidential. If you have questions about this scholarship, please write to  APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP.

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Jacques Torres And March 11 Chocolate Class




On a recent visit to New York City I basically ate up the city.  Literally.  Between shuttling my daughter between tours of prospective colleges I dined at Jean Geoge as I so love his family cookbook, snapped up a few delightful pastries at  Sarabeth’s in honor of my love for her cookbook, “Sarabeth’s Bakery: From my Hands to Yours”.

Amsterdam Avenue was a culinary wonder and visiting the Jacques Torres store didn’t disappoint.   In a rush for some sublime chocolate but with little time to savor each item in the store I bought his chocolate covered orange peels and champagne truffles to carry home after snacking on a few luscious chocolate samples the staff let me taste.   I cracked open the boxes this week to recall my fond memories of my visit to that dream of a store.   The orange peels are out of this world, pairing the bitter taste of the peels with the creamy bittersweet of the chocolate coating is brilliant.

We’ll try to come close to these chocolates when we aim to duplicate them in the March 11 Chocolate Confections class.  I have some candied tangerine peels in the freezer just waiting for a good chocolate dip and plenty of transfer sheets to make beautifully dipped ganache.  If interested in this class, click on the Class tab above to register.

Jacques Torres Chocolate & Ice Cream, 285 Amsterdam Ave #1, New York, NY










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Cooking Classes 2019



It has been so rewarding to hear from many of you about your interest in my cooking program for 2019. Thank you for all of your patience while I put together a fun filled and rewarding program.   There’s plenty to choose from in the listing below and I am also accepting requests for private events. Registration and More


After School Classes

  • February 20, 27, March 13, 20 Weekday Dinners
  • February 21, 28, March 14, 21 Weekday Dinners
  • April 9, 16, 23, 30 Weekday Dinners
  • April 10, 17, 24, May 1 Weekday Dinners
  • April 11, 18, 25, May 2 Weekday Dinners

Single Classes

  • February 15 Baking
  • March 11 Chocolate Confections

Summer Camps

  • June 3-7 Delectable Dinners: Yummy Yotam Ottolenghi
  • June 10-14 Delectable Dinners: Yummy Yotam Ottolenghi
  • June 24-28 Easy Peasy Meals for Younger Kids
  • July 8-12 Easy Peasy Meals for Younger Kids
  • July 22-26 Bread and Croissants
  • July 29-August 2 Chocolate Champions


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No Cook Appetizers in Palo Alto Weekly

The holidays are my favorite time for baking but often one needs an appetizer recipe for a party to whip up quickly and without the fuss of turning on the stove or oven. The Palo Alto Weekly asked me to participate in their “Holiday Spirit” booklet this year with this type of recipe. Bon Apetit and my friend, Michelle, were the inspirations behind my discovery of this delightful fig recipe. Since they introduced it to me I’ve served it at many parties and incorporated it into classes. I remember a special class I taught for the Stanford Dermatology department. That class was a feast of appetizers to teach but held in a conference room without a stove or oven. I did some quick thinking of recipes I could teach the student chefs with limited heat sources. Here is the article and the recipe the Palo Alto Weekly printed. Enjoy!



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Charitable Baking for the Holidays

Each year I fill the holiday season with Christmas baking.   An annual Buche de Noel with my son is always on the list for Christmas Eve, sometimes I teach Christmas cookie classes, often Buche de Noel classes, participate in cookie exchanges and for years made gingerbread houses with my children and an extra one for their pre school and elementary school classes.    This year the holidays took a bit of a baking twist as I was thinking how best to be charitable with my baking skills.   For days leading up to Thanksgiving we lived with dangerous air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area while those in Bute County suffered directly from the Campfire.    I was so horrified by the fire I felt I must find something unique to be charitable this holiday season.   The timing was perfect when the Palo Alto High School choir boosters asked me to help with their Madrigal Feast Fundraiser.   I readily raised my hand and baked more than 200 of Sarabeths’s Bakery Chocolate Marmalade cookies.

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