Cindy hosted a wonderful 8th birthday party for my daughter and her friends – they had an amazing time and it was so easy and painless for me from start to finish. Cindy was so great about talking with me about the menu and adjusting it for my daughter’s picky taste – the kids made pizza, fruit dip (with fruit they got to pick from Cindy’s garden!) and chocolate cupcakes. Towards the end of the party, where the parents came to enjoy all the goodies the kids had cooked, everyone oohed and aahed over how delicious the food was! Cindy uses really high quality ingredients and the food was amazing! Everything was effortless (for me) and incredibly fun for the kids – a perfect party!  Wendy

My daughter has taken cooking classes with Chef Cindy for the past two summers. Each session she has came away with new skills and greater confidence as a budding chef. My daughter takes the techniques she has learned with Cindy and applies them to her own recipes. Cindy keeps the classes small with a high instructor/student ratio, usually Cindy has another adult assisting, plus former alumni who come to provide extra support. We are looking forward to more classes next summer with Cindy.  Dennis and Kelly

My son woke up really early today and made chocolate brownies to celebrate Father’s Day!  He loved your Chocolate Champions camp! He brought delicious treats every day to share with us.  Now I know why he specifically asked daddy everyday which one he liked the most 🙂 It was a nice surprise and daddy said it will be one of the most memorable Father’s Days ❤️ To me, I was very impressed with his presentation of the food and the kitchen was all cleaned up. And, last but not least, the brownies are delicious and warm!! We enjoyed it as a family. Thank you, Chef Cindy, for offering such a great cooking experience for kids!!  Warmly, Yan

Thank you for a GREAT experience doing the Chili Cookoff!  My daughter got inspired afterwards to make brownie cupcakes (from brownie mix and doctoring it) and then the next day graduated, on her own, to opening up Joy of Cooking for scratch cupcake recipe and another cookbook for a butter cream icing recipe.  She then did the work on her own other than asking what THE Baking Powder container would look like… she proudly wore her Chili Cook Off apron while cooking away.  She came up with her own strawberry filling as well.  You kicked off independence and creativity!!  Also, experimentation!  The butter cream icing also resulted in learning to re-read directions to get the order of things right… butter went in too early…   Gabriell

One of the most rewarding parts of running La Toque de Cindy is the words of flattery I receive from customers.   I thought I’d give you a peek into what they had to say.

“Riley and Chloe both loved the camp and we were thrilled with the leftovers!  The girls are excited to teach us how to make some of the recipes from the camp.  They can’t wait to try out the recipes again!” Donna

“I’m no expert, but the kids try recipes again at home and improvise– really fun to watch them focus and stretch!” Yeuen

“There’s no way Jonathan is going to miss your class, as he’s been waiting for it the whole summer.  Going through the recipes, I was very impressed with how awesome they are, and I’m sure Jonathan is up for a treat. ” Dror

“Andrew loved the class and the sliders. I’m looking forward to testing at home all of the great recipes he’s making with you. He doesn’t love brussel sprouts, but his older siblings and the rest of our family are big fans. Hopefully he’ll be willing to try the brussel sprouts that you make with him. We’re trying to expand his repertoire!” Lisa

“Thanks for camp!  I’m grateful that Carson is expanding his palate…and having fun.” Tricia

“Theo really enjoyed the camp – he overcame his fear of Bunsen burners (!) and was really proud of the food he made.  Thank you for a great experience!” Holly

“ Hannah had a great time at your camp.  She will be interested in this next year as well.  She shared some of her chocolates with my friends which made her feel so proud!” Pattie

“My son took the Best of NY Times camp last week and loved it!  He said he learned a lot and everything tasted really good.  One day he asked to stop at the store on the way home so he could buy the ingredients for strawberry fool and he made it for us (told me I had to get the NYT cooking app!).  It was delicious and he narrated each step for me to learn.  Some days he brought home leftovers and plated them beautifully for us.  We’re now on vacation and went to a great restaurant that he appreciated very much with the exception of a cabbage slaw that he felt had a little too much cumin (food critic!).”  Sarah

My son absolutely loved the camp!  He brought home delicious goodies every day — which he was very proud of — and was inspired to keep cooking after he got home.  He made home made pasta for us last night and chocolate cupcakes today.  The teachers were caring and well-organized and obviously professionals.  – Suzan

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Max Beach, 2015