Community Outreach 2020


Community Donations 2020

La Toque donated classes and camps to the following non profit organizations to be sold at their auctions and for use at other events in 2020.  Due to Covid-19, some have gone online and you are welcome to join their online event.  See status below for each organization.

Palo Alto Players

In their online gala on May 31, you can bid on a summer camp at La Toque.   Go to to learn more or contact Karen Law <>

Gamble Garden

Stay tuned.  They have cancelled their Spring Tour and Silent Auction but may be offering this as a prize for a children’s photo contest.  Contact Deanna <>


Stay tuned.  They are planning their next fundraiser.  Contact Wendy Chou <>

Covington Elementary School

They have held their online auction and the winner won a cooking class.  Contact Reetta Lahtiranta <> if you’d like information about next year’s auction.

Friends Nursery School

They have cancelled their auction.  Contact Kevin Lew <>

Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is taking a break during the Covid-19 crisis.  It will resume when online classes re open.