Where Our Food Comes From: Mademoiselle Colette

Every blue moon I happen upon a restaurant or a bakery which blows my mind. Mademoiselle Colette’s in Menlo Park at 816 Santa Cruz Avenue, California, is one of those.   Their mastery of the fine art of pastry goes way beyond my know how and certainly way beyond my advanced baking camp this summer based on the Great British Baking Show. Their croissants have layer upon layer of light delicate butter and pastry and sell out quickly each day. I lean towards the dessert side of the counter each time I visit.   Recently I devoured their lemon meringue tart which was to die for.   Each bit of meringue was delicately piped with spiky tips on top a tart yet sweet layer of lemon curd.

Rumor has it that Colette’s will soon open in Palo Alto and I hope the rumor will become reality.  It would be a treasure to have Colette’s right down the street from La Toque.

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