Diane Krön Chocolatier

Malibu, Diane Kron, 2018

When in Hungary eat marzipan.   That was one key item I hunted for while in Budapest a few years back.   I was delighted to find some in a grocery store in Budapest but that is rather standard fare for Hungary as was the paprika I snapped up at the same store. While dashing through Malibu to soak up the summer sun and a glimpse at one of the top surfers crossing the street, sun and surfers came to mind as the main commodities Malibu has to offer.   You can imagine my surprise on my quest for the best chocolate around the world to find a boutique chocolate store in the heart of Malibu.   They were nice enough to let me sample each and every chocolate they offered.   I honed in on one of my favorite bites, marzipan.  My favorite sample was their chocolate covered marzipan.  Marzipan in Malibu? How did that happen? It just so happens that Krohn has a Hungarian background as you’ll see by their truffles. The marzipan is labeled Viennese but, to me, it’s oh so Hungarian.

This store is called the Rolls Royce of chocolates by some. I found their chocolate to be good but not the best I ever sampled. Their prices put them in the Rolls Royce category as a small bag of their delightful chocolates will put you back a pretty penny. While they highlight their chocolate covered bears, liquor chocolates and darling bouquets, I recommend heading right for the marzipan.

Read what the Huffington Post has to say about this unique store

diane krön chocolatier, https://www.dianekron.com/,

3835 cross creek rd
tel 310.317.0400

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