No Cook Appetizers in Palo Alto Weekly

The holidays are my favorite time for baking but often one needs an appetizer recipe for a party to whip up quickly and without the fuss of turning on the stove or oven. The Palo Alto Weekly asked me to participate in their “Holiday Spirit” booklet this year with this type of recipe. Bon Apetit and my friend, Michelle, were the inspirations behind my discovery of this delightful fig recipe. Since they introduced it to me I’ve served it at many parties and incorporated it into classes. I remember a special class I taught for the Stanford Dermatology department. That class was a feast of appetizers to teach but held in a conference room without a stove or oven. I did some quick thinking of recipes I could teach the student chefs with limited heat sources. Here is the article and the recipe the Palo Alto Weekly printed. Enjoy!



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