Newsletter #38 and Kimchee with Potatoes and Eggs Recipe

News and Fun Facts   For those of you who have missed my newsletters, I’m sorry to have been so quiet.  It’s just an indication that in person classes are BACK.  I’m teaching both at Sur La Table (Sept 23, Pizza) and at my place: Tuesdays (savory), Fridays (baking Fridays)

·      September 21,   POT STICKERS


·      October 5,   SHAKING BEEF

Top Tip  On a recent trip to NYC I spent time reading back issues of my favorite magazine, Cook’s Illustrated.  I came across thie article “All About Oils” which is a great read and answers the question I get often in class “Which oil should I use for this dish?”

What I’m Reading   Many of you mastered sourdough bread in the last year.  I’m a bit behind the game as I’m generally making bread with fermented dough.  I am just embarking on my sourdough bread journey.  If you want to look forward and join me that would be fun.  For those who want to look back, read “The Year Flour was King”,

What I’m Watching   Well, I told a bit of a white lie as I’m not really starting my sourdough journey, I’m just paying more attention to the details as I wasn’t 100% successful a few years back.   I have recently mastered sourdough bread and I love it. You can do this too.  Trust me.  Watch the Food Geek show to do it here.   I’m happy to share some starter.

What I’m Cooking  Since of course I don’t make bread for every meal, I thought I’d share this recipe with you.  Korean food is trending.  This recipe is bit like Shakshuka gone Korean.  It’s actually pretty easy and a wonderful weeknight dinner or creative Sunday brunch idea.  Kimchee and Potato with Eggs recipe is here.

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