Cooking in Palo Alto Facebook group

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a blob post.  Sorry about that.  Just being a sloth.   Well, La Toque de Cindy is back up and running and welcomes private parties from here on out until summer camp begins on June 5.    If you’d like a bit of armchair cooking wisdom, sign up to be a member of my new Facebook Group called “Cooking in Palo Alto”.  It’s a forum for cooks (or those want to be cooks) to share ideas about cooking in Palo Alto and culinary events around the area.

My first post on this group will be in a few days when I head for Whole Foods for their $1 per oyster sale on Fridays.  I’ll post a recipe and a cool and safe shucking tool I bought at Sur La Table at Town and Country.

So, come join the FB group COOKING IN PALO ALTO.

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