Jacques Torres And March 11 Chocolate Class




On a recent visit to New York City I basically ate up the city.  Literally.  Between shuttling my daughter between tours of prospective colleges I dined at Jean Geoge as I so love his family cookbook, snapped up a few delightful pastries at  Sarabeth’s in honor of my love for her cookbook, “Sarabeth’s Bakery: From my Hands to Yours”.

Amsterdam Avenue was a culinary wonder and visiting the Jacques Torres store didn’t disappoint.   In a rush for some sublime chocolate but with little time to savor each item in the store I bought his chocolate covered orange peels and champagne truffles to carry home after snacking on a few luscious chocolate samples the staff let me taste.   I cracked open the boxes this week to recall my fond memories of my visit to that dream of a store.   The orange peels are out of this world, pairing the bitter taste of the peels with the creamy bittersweet of the chocolate coating is brilliant.

We’ll try to come close to these chocolates when we aim to duplicate them in the March 11 Chocolate Confections class.  I have some candied tangerine peels in the freezer just waiting for a good chocolate dip and plenty of transfer sheets to make beautifully dipped ganache.  If interested in this class, click on the Class tab above to register.

Jacques Torres Chocolate & Ice Cream, 285 Amsterdam Ave #1, New York, NY










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