Yotam Featured this Summer



I remember a few months back when I hosted a dinner party starting with an announcement. It wasn’t a toast for someone’s birthday or a grand speech. I just piped up “I have bad news for you. I have never made any of the recipes you’re about to eat”. One of the guests inquired about my source for the recipes. I mentioned they were all from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks. She was delighted as she adored Yotam’s recipes.   As I was pondering something fun and delicious to teach this summer, novel but slightly kid-friendly, Yotam came to mind.   Some of is recipes are much too complicated for the young chefs in my classes but some not, especially with his recent cookbook, “Simple”.   I must admit I’m truly a fan of “Jerusalem” but was thinking “Simple” may be a better fit for young chefs.   After waiting some time for the book to come in at my local bookstore, Books, Inc., I bought the book, marking easy and kid-friendly recipes with hot pink post it notes. Then I incorporated some of them into my after school classes to test them out a bit. I wanted to make sure they would be a good fit from a skill level and palate for kids. Seeded chicken and cornbread were quite popular and very doable so they made it to the camp menu. After a friend brought over the carrot salad with yogurt and cinnamon for dinner one night I thought it was so terrific I fit it into the menu for class that week.   Now the countdown until summer begins.   2 weeks to go until our summer camps called “Delectable Dinners: Yummy Yotam Ottolenghi” begin.

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