Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #2


Chicken Adobo

News and Fun Facts. Mary Berry from The Great British Baking Show turned 85 this week.   How inspiring! That’s the fun fact of the week but read on for a reality check on food safety.

You are probably wondering if your food is Covid-19 safe.   I am quarantining mine in the cooking school kitchen for 3 days before I bring it into the house. This may be a bit too cautious. Read here for some recommendations on food safety. Is it safe to eat produce? How about farmer’s markets? How long does the virus stay on food?

Top Tip. You may know I’m a fan of cast iron. It’s a healthy way to achieve a non stick surface. If you’re willing to manage the weight of a cast iron Dutch oven, I highly recommend Staub cookware.   For a well seasoned skillet, head to the Paly Flea Market. I have bought several skillets from a vendor there. The bonus of buying used cast iron is that it will be well seasoned.   Here is what Cooks Illustrated says about the care, benefits and best ways to use cast iron.

What I’m Reading. Cooks Illustrated is my favorite cooking magazine. I’ve let them stack up over the past 15 years while I’ve been teaching in person classes and I’m having a terrific time reading all of the back issues. The Top Tip is from the January, 2017, edition.   This magazine changed over the years, most notably with the departure of Chris Kimball but it’s still an excellent read.

What I’m Watching. Ruth Reichl is a far of Chefs Table and I am too. Each episode showcases a different chef. It’s on Netflix streaming.

What I’m Cooking. Chicken Adobo from the New York Times was calling out to me this week. I made it and would give it probably 3.5 out of 5 stars. But it got me thinking of the other Chicken Adobo recipes I’ve collected over the years.   All so different but all so good. One is from my supper club. That one is simple but I must have loved it as I’ve kept it in my recipe binder for years. The other is from Cooks Illustrated. This one is very interesting with molasses and espresso powder. Try out all 3 recipes and tell me which one you liked best.  Vote here.



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