Neiman’s Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cooking School Online Learning Newsletter #25

News and Fun Facts   Most of my readers are living in the west coast and it’s tough times with the fires burning, some of you evacuated, some with losses and most everyone experiencing smoky unhealthy air.  So, once again, I’m making this newsletter light.   Light meaning you should all bake some cookies and watch my “escape” show.  Read on for more details and stay safe this week.   

Classes this week: black bean soup, quesadillas, chocolate lava cakes, chocolate cake, chicken tenders, roasted potatoes

Snap and Cook Photo Club Above is this week’s winner of a free class, a student making Indian Butter Chicken in class. Send me a photo ( of a chocolate chip cookie (ideally with you in the photo to enter the drawing.

Top Tip  Think comfort this week.  Think COOKIES.  And see this Cookie 101 article from  Cooks Illustrated to get you inspired and on the right track for fantastic results.

What I’m Reading  Aiming to head you into a no fuss cookie baking week, skip the tools and use your hands instead. Read “Your Hands Are Your Greatest Kitchen Utensil.”

What I’m Watching  Everyone needs a bit of escapism this week.   I recommend everyone watch this fun show “Million Pound Menu” which is a bit of “Shark Tank” meets British restaurants.  Prospective restaurant owners give their pitch to investors and possibly get a BIG investment for their dream restaurant concept.

What I’m Cooking   Cookies should just do the trick to boost your mood a few notches.  Have you heard of the Neiman Marcus story?  Is it a myth or not? Cookies are “it” this week so try the “comfort” recipe, the Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookie

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