Newsletter #26 & Skillet Meatball with Peaches, Basil and Lime Recipe

What’s Happening at La Toque If you’re looking for a fun activity to boost the spirits of your team at work, how about setting up a happy hour and start with a cooking class?  I was thinking it could be fun for your workgroup to start with one of these classes and then have happy hour with what you’ve learned at class.

How to make a few fun cocktails

Bake a dessert with me.  Have your group do a wine pairing 

Learn how to make some appetizers then enjoy them with your group with drinks

Classes this week: Shrimp risotto, sticky toffee pudding

Snap and Cook Photo Drawing  Thank you Caroline for being a regular baker with me.  She’s won a free class by submitting the photos above.  Send yours my way to 

Top Tip  Black pepper is a key ingredient in nearly every savory dish and I highly recommend you grind it rather than using pre ground.  Once an exotic ingredient this is now commonplace and this black pepper know how is my top tip this week.

What I’m Reading I thought I’d send a thought piece  your way.  How America Lost Dinner (the meal kit market craze, or is it not?  Is there a move back to take out?).  Hoping you’re cooking and eating dinner together and bucking the trends mentioned in this article.

What I’m Watching  I haven’t yet started my YouTube channel but many other great cooks have.  Most recently my friend’s son launched his cooking channel.  Check out Adam and Eats and give him a “like”.

What I’m Cooking  I thought this recipe sounded CRAZY but with peaches in my freezer from the summer harvest and the limes and basil ready to pick in the garden this seemed to be a perfect inventory reduction recipe.  It turned out to be so much more than that.  It’s incredible how the flavor combo melded together.  Hats off to Melissa Clark at the New York Times.  Try out her Skillet Meatballs with Peaches, Basil and Lime.  Photos once you’v made it are welcome.

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