Newsletter #33 and How to Make the Perfect Pie Shell Video

News and Fun Facts   It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m teaching some mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing this week.  So, you can make it with me and then have it ready to serve for Thursday.  Want a fun fact?  Here is what the Pilgrims probably ate.  Eels and lobster were on the menu.  They had pumpkins but, alas, no mashed potatoes

Snap and Cook Photo Drawing  Congrats to one of my regular baking students.  She has submitted so many wonderful photos it’s high time she won the drawing for a FREE class.  The photos above are from many of her baking creations. 

Top Tip  If carrots are on your Thanksgiving menu, how about jazzing up the dish with a unique type of carrot?  Or think about planting some seeds during the long weekend.   Read Getting to Know Carrots to learn about a host of carrot types.

What I’m Reading  Onions are probably a key ingredient in your Thanksgiving dishes.  You can just pop down to the local market to buy your onions but learn about the Onion Johnnies which were popular 100 years ago in England and France, onion salesmen via bicycles.

What I’m Listening to  If you  like you’ll love their podcast “Homemade”.  It’s been fun to listen to chefs (and how Jet Tila became one) and learn how to be a social media cooking star with Eitan Barnath.   

What I’m Cooking  The Thanksgiving pumpkin pie class was so much fun on Friday.  If you missed class but want to make a pie for Thanksgiving, perhaps watch my video on “How to make the Perfect  Pie Shell”

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