Newsletter #34 and Turkey Leftover Recipes

News and Fun Facts  Today’s newsletter is random in content but all good as you finish the biggest cooking weekend of the year: some post Thanksgiving tips, some just fun reads, all good. I just listened to a Trader Joe’s podcast.  In it they mentioned some of their fun holiday items soon to be on the shelves.  Although I’m all about cooking from scratch I may take the night off soon and try out their beef en croute (a take on beef Wellington) and their black truffle pesto.  If you’d like to cook with me come to the beef taco class or try out tarte tatin with all of those just picked fall apples.

Snap and Cook Photo Drawing  This is a quiet week so no winners.  Above is a tarte tatin photo to entice you to join class on Friday.

Top Tip  Pouncakes are a fairly easy dessert to make but if you’d like to up your game.    If desserts are not your thing, there are also tips to use soda (yes soda) to improve meat dishes in “The Secret to Poundcake That Really Pops”.

What I’m Reading  Some of you may be aspiring to be a chef like the pros but here is an article to lower your game right after you up it with the poundcake mentioned above in “Things Chefs Do that You Should Not Do”.

What I’m Watching  Ina Garner shows you her kitchen and her favorite tools and ingredients.  Check it out in this video.

I was so happy she uses the same scale I own (well I actually have 10) and makes her own vanilla.   It’s SO easy to make vanilla.  In December vanilla beans are fairly affordable at Costco.  Great for your vanilla project.

If you’re looking for turkey leftover ideas, see also this sandwich video from Adam and Eats.  It reminded me of a terrific turkey sandwich Oakville Grocery used to serve after Thanksgiving.

What I’m Cooking  If you had a small group around your Thanksgiving table yet a large turkey as I did, you would probably be looking for a fantastic leftover recipe.  I turn towards Indian flavors after Thanksgiving and really like this turkey biryani recipe. 

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